I did not post anything for veterans Day as yet, mostly because veterans Day also happens to fall on my wedding anniversary. You can understand, I suppose.

But I could not let the day pass entirely without acknowledgment.

I walked among giants,
Men of renown,
Great ones they were;
Some, were women.
These men of might
Walked the earth
And communed with us.
They were brave when bravery
Had to make a difference.
Daily, they die.
Soon, they will be extinct.
They left their mark, though,
For all time.
During the great disruption,
They performed gargantuan feats.

These titans saved the planet
And preserved a way of existence.
Daily, they die.
Some were killed in the fight,
Others captured, tortured.
The remains of some were never found.
Some were maimed in body,
Others, maimed in brain.
Most lived to see a new day, a new world.
Now, these colossal men
Serve as pallbearers for their own.
They barely carry the load.
Some hobble with canes.
Some are bent over with years.
Some can only watch
With dim eyes from wheelchairs.
Their eyes see three colors blur as one
And slowly fall into the ground.
Daily, they die.
They are almost a lost breed.
Some are written about,
Most are not.
Some, were my uncles,
Others, my countrymen.
One was my father.
I can tell my children
And their children,
That for a time on earth
I was privileged,
To walk among giants.

–Paul Chrisstarlon Wesselh√∂ft