There is an old saying that suggests any organization that does not specifically start as a conservative organization will end up working in precisely the opposite direction, eventually.

Apparently, so it is with FoxNews.

I will start with Jack Hellner over at American Thinker.

I used to enjoy watching Fox News with news host Bret Baier, which was a great remedy to ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. But not all that much anymore, because it seems to be going left. (Correction: Fox News ratings are not declining, as earlier indicated, and FNC has been #1 in cable news for 22 weeks in a row.)

I see it in places I’d never expect. Take Baier. Recently, Baier said he has a tough time explaining Sean Hannity. Bret has been moving left just like the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page has. (The news section has long been hopelessly left-wing.)

Why are Baier and so many others acting so out of character? I think it’s because all those people obviously want to be liked by their peers and don’t care about their viewers. Instead of giving us any sort of balance in the news, they are rapidly coming to resemble their peers.

Whike I agree with Hellner that’s probably a lot of it, it goes a little deeper than that.

The management has changed at Fox, and not for the better.

Joe Hoft at The Gateway Pundit sinks his teeth into this one:

Well it’s official, FOX News has decided that crushing the competition is no longer their goal. Instead, the CEO decided to join its far-left competition and symbolically indicated that FOX will now be far-left as well. CEO Lachlan Murdoch, the son who recently took over the reigns of the company from his elderly father, is now running the show. This explains the far-left bias during the daily news shows on the FOX News channel when Trump supporters either tune them out, turn them off or gratefully go to work so they don’t have to watch the daily shows.

Son Lachlan is bound and determined to turn FOX News into CNN. He evidently has no common sense and is willing to stick it to his customers (viewers) who are not of the same ideology as he is. Unfortunately, the younger Murdoch is not concerned with keeping FOX a going concern, but rather making sure far-left ideas are pushed to viewers.

So much for Fox News.

You would think, I suppose, that these new Fox executives would be worried about losing viewers but that’s not how social justice warriors like these work.