No matter what happens in this election, the time of the Democrats being in power is limited.

As it stands right now Nancy Pelosi is about five or six votes from losing her speakership in the Democrat caucus in the House.

Even if she doesn’t lose that spot she’s 80 years old and she’ll be swept out of power by that factor alone, if nothing else.

That translates into the more radical elements of the Democrat party taking over in the House. (It’s almost impossible to believe that there are people even more crazy than Nancy Pelosi, I know, but there it is.)

They’re going to be working overtime to put into place their most liberal wet dreams, all in a very short space of time. This will result in an extremely negative reaction from the voters. There is nothing like the implementation of Democrat party policy to ensure massive losses at the ballot box. remember, these are the people who wanted to limit the amount of water in your toilet. The people who wanted to tell you what kind of light bulbs you couldn’t have. the people who took away your health care under the guise of making it “affordable”.

I’ll tell you this right now.. regardless of anything else that happens, look forward to seeing the speaker of the House Andrew McCarthy in 2022.

It happened under Bill Clinton, it happened under Barack Obama. Assuming that the Democrats manage to drag Joe Biden over the finish line, it will happen again.

…Assuming we survive as a country quite that long.