Every American needs to hear this

The blowback on this thing is already huge. We need to make it larger yet.

And this is a target -rich environment. As Ed Morrissey pointed out yesterday:

There are all sorts of questions this raises, but not just for the Bidens. For them, the questions are simple: if this is on the level, how do they explain lying all this time about their actions with Burisma and Ukraine? For House Democrats who impeached Donald Trump over his phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymir Zelensky by claiming it was corrupt, this raises a huge problem right before they have to go home to voters who will want to know what they will do about Biden. The same is true for Senate Democrats who tried to remove Trump over it.

I will say this flatly:

They all need to go down over this thing, and we as a nation need the spectacle of Democrats being dragged off to the vertical bar hotel over it.

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