Some things that occur to me as I go through my day.

# As impossible to believe as it seemed 4 years ago, I am now quickly coming to the conclusion that the Biden Clan is more corrupt than the Clintons.

# Did you happen to notice last night Joe Biden flatly admitted that his much touted as much defended crime bill was a mistake? Yeah, no kidding.

Do do I really have to remind anyone that Joe Biden once referred to Robert Byrd, KKK leader, as a mentor?face it, Joe Biden’s candidacy is an insult to Black Americans.And the thing is, they know it.

# Why didn’t George Stephanopoulos press Joe Biden on the business with Hunter Biden the Ukrainian and Chinese gas deals and all of the legal and moral questions surrounding them? I think we both know the answer to that one. here’s a clue: How many Obama administration staffers were on the questioning panel?

# I see that NASA is promising they’ll put a woman on the Moon by 2024. Alice Cramden was unavailable for comment. Actually, I can think of several candidates for the task. The country would be well served in each case by making it a one-way trip. Seriously, who is it that is benefited by this kind of pandering?

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