Some things that occur to me as I go through my day…

# I guess the Democrats are just going to have to approve of Judge Barrett being on the Supreme Court so that they can find out what she’ll do. Wasn’t that the standard for Obamacare?

# Speaking of which, I’m seeing reports that Obamacare has people putting off medical treatment because it’s too expensive.

# If you don’t like crowds, apparently the ideal place for you is a Joe Biden rally.

# Found this in my mailbox this morning. Just a guess, but I’m thinking these people probably are not being bothered by the pollsters.

They’re probably not being bothered about their extended car warranty several times a day, either.

# Biden says “People Who Think They’re Better Off Under Trump Shouldn’t Vote for Me”. Wish granted.… Even though China and Iran want me to vote for Biden

# It’s getting harder to write snarky lines about Joe Biden. Simply dropping quotes from him is more effective at times. Like yesterday, for example.

# Interesting how the Obama DOJ couldn’t find Hillary Clinton’s emails, but the Trump DOJ can.

# it’s fascinating watching the Democrats falling all over themselves to be critical of judge Barrett’s Catholicism, given the undeniably pro-socialist attitude coming out of the Vatican lately.

# Kamala Harris was chosen for her assumed color… (the claim is she’s black but she isn’t) …and sex ….(boy, there’s a loaded question) …by a group of people who have been spending the last 40 years telling us the color and sex don’t matter.

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