Some things that occur to me as I go through my day.

# How is it that when Republicans nominate a Supreme Court Justice it’s political, but when Democrats nominate a Supreme Court justice, it isn’t? Is that like when a liberal expresses their opinion it’s Free speech, but when a conservative expresses their opinion it’s hate and intolerance?

# The Judge did just fine in the hearings. She effortlessly showed us just how desperate the Democrat party is these days.

# Ask yourself, can you possibly imagine Joe Biden sitting and answering questions like she did, for as long as she did? The gaff reel alone would take up 3 hours.

# So, Donald Trump’s kids are out on the campaign trail. Why isn’t Hunter Biden out on the campaign trail, I wonder?

# Meantime, I see Bernie Sanders is out stumping for Joe Biden. In other words, once again Bernie is out there trying to get you to vote for somebody that he spent over a year telling you that you couldn’t trust.

# The reports we’ve been seeing for weeks now suggest that if you want to be alone, the ideal place for you is a Joe Biden rally.

# Reports I’m getting here suggest that the Trump rally in Florida ingredients list contained around 17% registered Democrats.

# Think about those last two points in contrast to each other and tell me how this is all going to come out.

# I see Kyle Rittenhouse is not going to be charged. The question of why this was even a question at all raises its ugly head. The most obvious answer is the local government hacks decided that they needed some cover from the rioters. This whole thing has been bizarre. Perhaps the most bizarre thing of all is the constant charge of being a racist, being thrown at Rittenhouse, for the crime of shooting a couple of white guys who were attacking him, and were bent on killing him.

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