Some thoughts that occur to me as I go through my day.

# I notice Taylor Swift spending an awful lot of time backing Joe Biden. I guess that makes sense if you think about it, because most of her songs are about her poor choices in men.

# Rob Reiner seems to have spent the majority of his entire life proving Archie Bunker was always correct.

#Joe Biden said that the only court packing that is occurring is what’s happening now to install Judge Barrett to SCOTUS. He obviously has no knowledge of the Constitution. President Trump is executing his Constitutional DUTY to place a new Justice on the court to fill the vacancy left by RBJ. He is a liar.

#Biden is trying to convince us that he will a) shut the country down if “science” tells him to while simultaneously b) “building it back better”. I hate to break it to you, Joe, but you can’t do both at the same time.

#if we are to take seriously the comments we heard yesterday at judge Barrett’s confirmation hearing, the Democrats biggest fear right now is having another judge on the court who will take literally the law as written and the Constitution as written.

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