A Trump supporter, Lee Keltner, has been murdered in Denver, from the Denver Police Department:

Matthew Dolloff (DOB 03-07-1990) is being held for Investigation of First Degree Murder in connection w/the shooting that occurred yesterday at 10 W. 14th Ave. This remains an active investigation; any additional updates will be released as it becomes available.

The crime, graphic, video:

The victim was in retreat and unarmed, no lethal weapons.
The television station claimed the shooter was hired as security guard.  Yet displayed to indication of such state, uniform, badge, or vest.  No security agency has admitted to hiring him.

Want to buy a television station.  While the station should escape criminal prosecution, they face massive civil liabilities.

Paging Ben Crump, here a case even a hack lawyer such as yourself can win?  Interested?  I didn’t think so.

To Kamala Harris, got the money for Dolloff’s bail?. Maybe George Soros can lend you some?

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