Anybody with a passing knowledge of United States history c should know the name Joe McCarthy. His cause of rooting out of communists embedded in the government. While is fitting and proper to deplore McCarthy’s tactics, it should be acknowledged that McCarthy was right about the communist infestation in government. In their rightful quest to win World War Two, the Roosevelt and Truman administrations were either blind to or just ignored Soviet infiltration.

Take the Wayback Machine forward several decades, we have new peril and new liberal blind spot, pedophilia. The late Jeffery Epstein made regular flights to his pedophilia island, flights which included politician like B.J. Clinton. Mrs. Clinton’s government emails were found on a computer used by sexual offender Anthony Weiner. Even if you don’t agree with Qanon’s tactics, we all should agree with stated objective to battle pedophiles. Sadly not. The former vice president has made it a habit to grope minor females in public and who knows what he goes with female interns in private? Now we getting hints the Biden Junior, Hunter had immoral escapades include sexual misdeeds with minors.

Background, in January the Nancy Pelosi democrats passed impeachment charges against the President, without evidence or charges of any crimes. While part of the federal government was trying to remove our duly elected president, another part, the Department of Justice, had evidence to the Biden family criminal cabal. Was Speaker Shampoo impeachments designed to remove the current president, or to protect the former vice president?
So noted:

Now, Natural News can exclusively reveal that the Hunter Biden videos contain multiple videos that captured Hunter Biden engaged in extreme sexual ABUSE of under-age Chinese teens, and that there are multiple, different victims captured in the videos. (Natural News is completely banned by Facebook and Twitter, just like the NY Post was banned, because Big Tech censors independent journalists who criticize Democrats.)

Funny, have to noticed that whenever Adam Schiff sees anything untold Chinese, he calls it Russian? How much is the CCP paying Schiff?

Rudy Giuliani offering additional descriptions of the contents of the hard drive, video:
Here’s Rudy Giuliani offering additional descriptions of the contents of the hard drive, video:

Intrablog squabble, I agree with Eric that both the Clinton Clan and the Biden Clan engaged in long term criminal conspiracy, at least the Clinton Clan managed to hire competent attorneys.  Meanwhile back in the Wilmington basement, Joe Biden brags about buying off the government of Ukraine no television, and used a drug addict as his bag man.  Team Slow Joe, both calls hard drive story false, citing no specific reason, and yets sends a lawyer to the computer repair shop to reclaim the false computer. Think what you will of Slow Joe, just don’t think of him as smart.

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