I want you to think back… way back. Last March. Remember when we were all being told and infinitum that it was 15 days to slow/stop the spread??

Well, here’s a data point for you… we are now at day 220 of those 15 days.

And we’ve still got Joe Biden and the Democrats out there telling us to “follow the science” . That “science knows”.🙄

Of course, by now it’s totally obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that science hasn’t a bloody clue about this thing, and never did.It’s gotten to the point where it’s almost impossible to believe that they’re not making this stuff up as they go along.

Even more certain than that is that whatever this was about originally, it is no longer about saving lives, if it ever was.

Sarah Hoyt wrote an excellent article the other day and I urge you to read it. Here’s a couple of bits of it.

Yes, it is dangerous, mostly to the very elderly and severely immune-compromised. Yes, it behooves a civilized society to protect those people.

Which we didn’t do. Instead, we treated the virus as though it were uniformly dangerous and just as likely to kill the family’s four-year-old as grandma. We closed schools (and re-opened a number of them as daycare centers), selectively closed stores (because apparently, the virus is far less dangerous in pot dispensaries than in bookstores, say), mandated ridiculously low occupancy for restaurants (anyone who has dined out in both NYC and anywhere out West knows that in the West our tables are already “distanced”) and generally set our hair on fire and ran around screaming that it hurts.

Which it very well should, because stupidity should hurt. Most Democrat-controlled states in fact seem to have gone out of their way to “make it hurt,” including Governor Newsom’s insistence that Californians not celebrate Thanksgiving.

I’m mostly worried that the same media that has sold these stunts, and the absolute necessity for authoritarian government in America, will now sell the need to get rid of orangemanbad over the recession and unemployment the left themselves caused.

Remember, gang, we’re talking about a group of people whose motto is “never let a good crisis go to waste”.

The one thing that the Democrats couldn’t argue against last March when this whole thing started was the booming success of the Trump administration economic policy growth rates were going straight up with seemingly no end in sight.

So along comes the virus which allows the Democrats to work toward shutting down that booming economy and keeping it closed until their political appointment was removed from office. It must have seemed a gift from Gaia to them.

As Saul Alinsky’s book (and any reasonable study of history along with it) will tell you, social upheaval will always tend to favor the political challenger. Which is precisely why the Democrats have been laying on the most draconian regulations the social more manage, for as long as they possibly can.

After all they have orange man bad to get rid of.

But it goes beyond that.as I’ve been suggesting for weeks now the riots we’ve been seeing in several Democrat run cities are also being fostered by the Democrats. Again, social upheaval to create a change in power.

And of course we’ve got Joe Biden saying that if he’s elected, covered and all the riots will all go away.

In short, they’re not even bothering to hide what this is about anymore. They might as well hang up a sign…”The beatings will continue until morale improves.”