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As Ed wrote earlier, the NY Post has a big story out today headlined “Biden’s Secret E-mails” about files found on an old laptop computer someone allegedly dropped off at a repair shop and never returned to collect. One of the items discovered on the computer was an email in which an advisor to the board of Burisma allegedly sent to Hunter Biden thanking him for a chance to meet with his father Joe Biden.
As Ed has been pointing out all morning, there are plenty of reasons to look into the details of this story with caution. Reasonable people may want to take it with a grain of salt until we have more information about the history of this laptop. But that’s a process that belongs in the hands of individuals, not social media companies.

Indeed so.

Let me stipulate for the record first, that I agree with Ed in this, and that I consider Ed to be both a friend and a trusted source.

With that said, however, I can’t help but remember… Angrily, I must say… That there was no such caution from either the mainstream Media or the social media about the supposed Russian collusion, the Ukrainian scandal, and any number of things over the last 4 years. They grab the bait the line the fishing pole the fisherman and half the coast. Precaution? Cross-checking? Never heard of it. There’s orange man bad to get rid of.

As as Paul Haverman correctly says:

Here is Facebook explicitly admitting it is protecting Biden — and interfering in the presidential election — by censoring media outlets and limiting discussion of today’s breaking news about Biden’s engagement with Burisma.

Funny how the Russian collusion hoax, and dozens of other hoaxes, didn’t warrant the same scrutiny.

Every news organization worthy of the name should be turning over every rock to either corroborate or debunk the Post’s article. Instead, they’re actively ignoring it, if not censoring it. You simply won’t find it in the leftist media, unless they’re throwing poo at it instead of reporting it.


At the risk of being obvious, both the mainstream media and the social media are taking on the appearance of being selectively pious about checking their facts.

And as for the New York Post, I’ve said for years that they have more gravitas than the New York Times has had since the fake news of Walter Duranty.

Ed correctly points out:

There are all sorts of questions this raises, but not just for the Bidens. For them, the questions are simple: if this is on the level, how do they explain lying all this time about their actions with Burisma and Ukraine? For House Democrats who impeached Donald Trump over his phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymir Zelensky by claiming it was corrupt, this raises a huge problem right before they have to go home to voters who will want to know what they will do about Biden. The same is true for Senate Democrats who tried to remove Trump over it.

Buckle up kids, it gets bumpy from here.

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