Kruiser notices something:

… I’ve noticed that the Democrats are getting even more shrill with the one-two punch of the election and Amy Coney Barrett confirmation fear-mongering. Heck, even Joe Biden has sounded awake a couple of times. He can’t remember anything anymore, but there has been a little something extra in his voice lately.


On Monday, I watched him finish a quick interview by looking at a camera and saying “22 million people are going to lose their health care next month.” You could tell it was a talking point his handlers told him to make sure he worked in.

Read the whole thing.

I must say here that I still don’t buy his attitude about “irrational exuberance”. I mean, okay… Yes, the chances are higher than usual that the Democrats will steal the election, (vote fraud etc) but that’s what they do.

But as far as the panic button being hit, he’s got this one spot on. I’ll even tell you what’s causing it… nobody, but nobody is showing up to these rallies that Joe Biden is holding.

A total of eight people showed up to the Biden rally in Pennsylvania

There is absolutely no excitement about Joe Biden being POTUS. Indeed, there is less excitement now about Biden than there was about Hillary Clinton, and there’s somebody who was outright hated, even in the Democrat party.

To say the least, it’s difficult to imagine that the Democrats are going to manage to drag his sorry butt over the finish line… And frankly, I think the Democrats are beginning to see the same thing.

So as Steve points out, they’ve begun the fear-mongering routine. If we are to take the comments that we heard in the confirmation hearing yesterday, their biggest fear is another judge on the Supreme Court that will actually take the law and the Constitution literally, as written.

I’m not sure even they think it’s a valid argument, but it’s all they’ve got to go with, to create fear with.

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