Biden LIED again in the debate where he was speaking, saying “A tractor-trailer driver BROADSIDED MY FAMILY!”

Ummm…. No, Joe. Your wife, with your baby daughter IN HER LAP WHILE SHE WAS DRIVING, turned around to your unruly sons in the back seat, took her foot off the brake, AND SAILED THROUGH A STOP SIGN into the path of the poor truck driver, killing herself, your daughter, and injuring the boys. YOU RUINED THE GUY’S LIFE, LIED SAYING HE WAS DRUNK FOR SYMPATHY TO GET ELECTED, HAD THE ACCIDENT RECORDS SEALED AND DESTROYED, SO HE COULDN’T DISPROVE YOUR LIES AND HE DIED A BROKEN MAN.

Now, you’re trotting out the same old lie for sympathy to get elected, AGAIN!

Why didn’t you say the truck driver overturned his rig TRYING TO AVOID HER, jumped out of his truck to try to aid your family and the accident was charged as HER FAULT! But that wouldn’t fit your fairy-tale narrative,

Like you say you saw Jill’s picture, met her and swept her off her feet. NO! You broke up her marriage to a good guy because you thought she was hot while she AND HER HUSBAND were working on your campaign to get you elected!

Nice expression of gratitude to her husband, Joe! You may live in your fake little fantasy, BUT IT DOESN’T BELONG IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

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