Eric Florack on October 29th, 2020

It occurs to me that we haven’t seen any mass shootings these last few months. Oh, granted, Chicago is running its usual average of 30 to 50 per weekend, but these are all separate incidents for the most part. Almost as if somebody is distracted.

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Eric Florack on October 29th, 2020

Here you go kids. There’s something in this for everyone. Undeniable truths: # There is no such thing as civilized warfare. War is, by definition the lack of civility, the lack of rules. The rules and the definition of civility are invariably decided by the victor. # When speaking the truth becomes objectionable, be very […]

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davidl on October 29th, 2020

Purported fashion model Emily Ratajkowski announced she, and husband, are with child. She further stated that she would not know her child’s sex gender until he it turns eighteen. From where Ratajkowski concocted her age of eighteen beats me. Social Justice Warrior insist, sans evidence, that gender is assigned at birth, by some unknown entity, […]

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I would say this is Joe Biden’s biggest problem in terms of attaining the White House… The U.S. economy grew at a record-breaking 33.1% annual rate in the third quarter, the Commerce Department reported Thursday. It’s as I said earlier today… The one thing that the Democrats couldn’t argue against last March when this whole […]

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Eric Florack on October 29th, 2020

I want you to think back… way back. Last March. Remember when we were all being told and infinitum that it was 15 days to slow/stop the spread?? Well, here’s a data point for you… we are now at day 220 of those 15 days. And we’ve still got Joe Biden and the Democrats out […]

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