So much going on. I wish I had the time today to do a deep dive. But here’s a few subjects I wanted to touch on briefly:

# I’ve been saying for years that the biggest motivation to vote Republican is the result of Democrat party policy. Look at the American cities burning as a result of Democrat party policy. this is how slums are created. Did nobody remember anything from the 1960s?

As an example:

# I happened to be fumbling around on the radio here in Ohio and stumbled across somebody playing Scott McKenzie “San Francisco”, which was a huge hit in 1967. And the thought occurred to me, wondering what Mackenzie would have thought if he had seen what happened to San Francisco 52 years on.
Would he today recognize it for the suicidal farce it always was?

# You would think by now that a lot more people would have figured out that the more we muzzle cops, the more we see the destruction of our cities. There’s a direct provable relationship between the two.

# If you believe that John Bolton would defend Donald Trump if the defense wasn’t valid in his mind, you’re an idiot.

# And about that…. It’s a measure of the Democrats desperation that they’re dragging up a two-year-old already debunked story. it’s clear they haven’t got anything else to go with. They’ve already shot the wad.