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This is the Something Larger

One of the many reasons that Hillary Clinton didn’t win her presidential bid was because she took advantage of the votors. She never showed up in the key battleground of Wisconsin, and when she did show up to a spot, she showed absolutely no commitment to it. She basically took the attitude of “it’s my turn and I don’t have to work for it.” It was as if we owed it to her.

The funny part is now we are seeing pretty much the same thing from Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris. Biden has been hiding in his basement almost permanently, and we haven’t heard word one out of Kamala Harris in the three months that she’s been a vice presidential candidate.

On the surface at least there are some logical reasons behind this. Remember the Democrats financially speaking have been in serious trouble.and yes the Tom Steyer’s and George Soros’s of the world have ponied up with substantial amounts of money. But in my judgment is it’s not enough to cut it… And I think the Democrats know that.

Which would mean that the reason we’re not seeing much these days is they don’t have the kind of money necessary to run a decent campaign.

Couple that with the idea that they really don’t have much of a candidate, for either position.
Every appearance has proven to be a complete disaster… and as a whole, things are not looking up for the Harris-Biden administration to actually become a thing.

And all that got me to thinking…”what if the Democrats are actually planning to lose?”

We’ve seen several threats in the press [1], of violence [2] if Trump wins [3] the election… Almost as if they know without publicly admitting it, that he is going to win.

I don’t know if it’s true but it seems to me a distinct possibility that what we are being set up for here is armed revolution from the left. It’s happened in various European States over the years in the same fashion.

Again, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but it does seem to me unlikely that following the kind of defeat of the Democrats that I’ve been predicting will happen… (and the defeat they appear to be setting themselves up for by the way)… That the Democrats will simply collect their marbles and go home.

Following the Bush-Gore debacle in Florida years ago, I not only suggested that this was the new normal, but that it was warm up for something larger.

I strongly suspect that this is the something larger.