Sharayah Gant emailed Rush Limbaugh recently. Here’s what she wrote:

Sir, I am a young black female Trump supporter who is a master’s educated professional communicator who works for the federal government. I am the last person the media would think voted for Trump, but here I am, a strong supporter of the President.

I’m writing you today because I learned that Jason Kessler, the organizer of Charlottesville’s white supremacist group, Unite the Right, was involved in the Occupy Wall St. movement. He was then a former Obama supporter and also active in his presidential campaigns. I find it hard to believe that he became enamored with Confederate monuments and decided to be a white nationalist after Trump was elected.

I have confidence that you already know this information, but if you don’t, it would be great if it were researched and verified by your crew then mentioned. I also hope that President Trump raises this as well.

For me it is clear that this is an attempt to rid our monumental history, a push clearly being made by the Marxist and even Islamist left, all led by Obama. Let us not forget former AG Loretta Lynch’s call for a revolution and more blood in the streets. Perhaps the violence in Charlottesville is what she had in mind.

In addition, I dare ask what we will replace Confederate monuments with since I understand there are calls to take them down. Will the Marxist left recommend monuments of Marx, Lenin or other revolutionary Marxists and Socialist leaders? God help us all.


“Lastly I want to thank you for your thoughtful insight and hilarious commentary. I have been an avid listener to your show since November 8 when President Trump won, a moment in time I liken to a Political Christmas Day.

May God bless you, and please know that you are reaching far more people than you will ever imagine.” Sincerely, Sharayah (Sha-ray-uh)

This is a trend, folks, and it goes well beyond “walk away”.