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Supreme Courts Elections And “fairness”

Okay, Democrats and their fellow travelers amongst RINOs… School is in session.

So you think that this USSC nomination is not being fair to the Democrats.

First… I keep hearing a lot of chatter from the Democrats about how we need a balanced court.. and about how we’re not being fair appointing a Justice.

Where in the constitution does it say that the court has to be 4 liberals and 4 conservatives or or for that matter where does it say that there has to be a certain number of liberals on the court at all?

And I don’t remember the Democrats hollering about fairness during the Warren Court.

It’s been my observation that the word “fairness” generally gets used by people who have figured out that what they’ve been doing hasn’t worked to their advantage. This is particularly true in politics and this is a case in point.

You’re going to have to set your mind to the idea that this is all part of the political process.

(“Were you paying attention four years ago when Neil Gorsuch…”)


Yes, I was paying attention for years ago when Justice Ginsburg made the argument that the President should make the appointment. (Obama in that case.)

Notice however, that she said nothing about whether the Senate should approve that nomination. That’s because she knew it wasn’t going to happen… Not with a Democrat president and a Republican Senate. That decision is up to the Senate, you see. She recognized that the political process of selecting a Supreme Court Justice (and that’s what it is, a political process), was above her purview.

And this dying wish crap is exactly that, a tug at the emotional heartstrings in a last-ditch effort to keep Democrats in power. Again, there’s nothing in the Constitution that says the selection process for a Supreme Court Justice all goes out the window on the basis of a dying wish. Sorry, no sale.