Reference the show down in Cleveland on Tuesday, the Yankees beat the Indians, 12 – 3. Meanwhile back at the arena, the President staged a spirited debate with the moderator, Chris Wallace.

Off to one side, democrat nominee Slow Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden claimed to be the leader of the democrat party, from Red State:

At one point, Joe Biden ridiculously declared “I am the Democratic Party.”

Trump was so quick he came back immediately with, “Not according to Harris you’re not,” a reference to Kamala Harris calling their potential administration a “Harris administration together with Joe Biden.”


The theory that Slow Joe controls that democrats is a widely contested theory. by the likes of Bernie Sanders, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Slow is not on board with Comrade Sander’s dream of abolishing private health insurance nor of AOC’s Green New[sic Raw] Deal. Above all, Slow Joe’s own running mate Kamala Harris has claimed ownership of the top of the ticket, as in her refence to the Harris/Biden administration.

Back to the Mud Fest by the Lake, while Donny fed red meat to his base, Slow Joe struggled to keep is purported party in line. Before you claim to be the leader of your party Joe, turn around and see who is behind you.