Some things that occurred to me is I go through my day.

#I believe the difference between now and 1972 on Joe Biden first started in politics, is best explained this way… In 1972 when you bought a car the instruction manual told you how to adjust the brakes and the valves. These days, with Joe Biden running for president, the manual says nothing about the brakes are the valves or for that matter anything technical. It does, however, instruct the driver not to drink the radiator coolant.

# Personally I’m waiting to see how big of a belly flop Joe Biden performs for us tonight. You know it’s going to happen. Apparently, Biden knows it too. According to Matt Margolis, he has declined it to allow an independent search for an earpiece on him prior to the debate.

# Tulsi Habbard of all people is now making noises about ballot harvesting. since we all know that Bell at harvesting and other fraudulent methods are precisely why the Democrats have been pushing for mail-in voting, it seems a little awkward for her to be making such noises this late into the season. It’s my take that she’s probably worried that the Democrats efforts in that area aren’t going to be enough to overcome Mr. Trump, and the Democrats are going to need something to blame Joe Biden’s loss on.

# watch for Biden to be hammered by Trump on China connections, and his family’s less than aboveboard dealings with other countries oh, such as the Ukraine for example.

I’ll be listening tonight