In the battle of George Soros versus Seattle, the Washington State Police have played a new card:

SEATTLE (AP) — Washington State Patrol troopers arrested nine people participating in a protest in which vehicles blocked traffic on Interstate 5 through Seattle Friday, according to people at the scene and the State Patrol.

Nine vehicles were being impounded, patrol spokesperson Trooper Rick Johnson wrote on Twitter at about 11:15 a.m. Johnson told The Seattle Times he didn’t know details of the reasons for the arrests, other than that the group was illegally blocking the freeway, and he didn’t know whether the drivers would be cited and released or booked into jail

The box score: nine car blockade, nine drivers arrested, nine cars impounded.

Conclusions: one, future demonstrations will be back to Seattle streets and off of federal highway and two, the Soros rent a mob will either have to walk or take public transportation.