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Hurricanes, Rainfall, And Climate Change – Just Facts

The hysterical chatter of “climate change” has come up again with regards to the wildfires out in California.

Let’s remind ourselves of the facts [1], shall we??

…many people are claiming that man-made global warming has intensified rainfall and hurricanes. However, comprehensive facts show that rainfall and hurricane activity are well within the bounds of natural variation, and there is no cogent evidence that they have increased over the past century.

Moreover, the United States contains only 1.9% of the world’s surface area, and the earth’s climate oscillates widely over time and place. Hence, focusing on U.S.-area hurricanes in a single year can easily misinform the issue of climate change.

I would urge you to dig into this one. Read the whole thing. Use this report when you get hit with “well don’t you care about saving the planet?”

The planet doesn’t need saving, no matter what Chicken Little says.