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Given the Alternatives, Trump is the Only Choice

The Presidential candidacy of Joe Biden outside the far left has become nearly as popular as the Fredonia foot fungus festival.

That is of course with the notable exception of the John McCain, Mitt Romney, Bill Kristol wing of the Republican party. You remember those guys, the ones that got their backsides kicked in the primary in the 2016 cycle.

These morons still haven’t gotten over the idea that Jeb Bush didn’t win the Republican nomination. When Donald Trump did, they refused to support the Republican candidate, choosing instead to back Hillary Clinton.

George Orwell would have been proud of how they trumpeted the idea that they are “conservatives” while backing Hillary Clinton.

Of course the Democrats, who are now absolutely desperate to regain power after having every effort at dismantling the Trump presidency thwarted in a very public fashion, are using these never -Trumper holdouts as props in their campaign.

The problem for the Democrats with using this tactic however, is the nobody’s buying it anymore, because nobody’s buying the establishment GOP anymore. They haven’t been for a long time. They have long since been labeled Democrat light, and correctly.

Observe closely the election results for Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole,.. notice the Jeb Bush didn’t even come close to making the nomination, and notice also that Bill Kristol’s establishment rag, The Weekly Standard, having been rejected by its subscribers, is now a bit of embarrassing history, and it’s replacement, The Bulwark, isn’t doing any betterthen its predecessor despite a massive amount of funding coming through Democrat back channels from what I’m seeing.

Now, before you start up with me, it’s true that Donald Trump was never my guy. In fact, I vigorously campaigned against Trump

That is, up until the point where he won the nomination. At that point, it became a choice between handing the White House to someone who was and remains as crooked as a Nigerian railway, and who would have undoubtedly finished this country off, completing the national destruction that Barack Hussein Obama started.

For me the nomination was the tipping point, with the driving question being, what conservative values would be served by handing the White House over to the wicked witch of Little Rock?

To me, while I still firmly believe that he is not a conservative, Donald Trump has been a pleasant surprise in terms of how far he’s been able to move the conservative agenda forward, as Ronald Reagan before him. This is not because Donald Trump is so very good for America, but that Barack Hussein Obama was so very, very bad for America.

And I note once again with no small amount of irony the John McCain wing at the party never supported Ronald Reagan, either.

I wrote about this extensively in September of 2015. [1]

Even absent those accomplishments however, Donald Trump would still be the choice over anybody that the Democrats offer us.

We are being offered at this moment, the same choice we had the moment that Donald Trump got the nomination back in 2016…. A choice between someone who has a chance at saving this experiment called America, and has demonstrated that ability over the last four years despite being opposed at every point, versus someone representing an ideology that would surely destroy it.

And yes, I know that the Democrats are claiming that all of this havoc, all of this destruction is the fault of one Donald John Trump.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.

When all of the rioting, all of the crime, and all of the financial distress is in areas that have been run by Democrats for generations, that’s all I need to know.

If you want to see America continue as such, Donald Trump is the only choice.

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