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Evolving Tactics

Years ago the Democrats had the KKK as their military wing, to burn churches, houses, women and children business and generally raise hell with established society.

Later on, they got the civil Rights movement to do that for them. That’s how we came by a permanent lower class of the cities. they got black people to burn down their own neighborhoods in the ill-defined name of “civil rights”, an action from which many neighborhoods took decades to recover from. But at least it had the advantage of turning lots of money over for the race pimp industry. The Jesse Jackson’s, the Al Sharpton’s and so on.

Having made that recovery, the Democrats have evolved, and now they have BLM to do that for them.

You see, the Democrats discovered a long time ago that you’ll never make an enemy in the short-term out of somebody whom you encouraged to point the finger of blame at somebody else for all their troubles.

And what would the Democrats get out of this? Power. They are absolutely desperate for it.

It saddens me that we have to keep relearning this lesson.