First of all, nobody should find it strange that the New York Times is trying to tamper with the results of the election by releasing this leak just now.

So, Donald Trump paid $750 for his taxes one year.. or at least, so goes the claim.

That said, let’s look at what they’re not telling you.

At the moment, Donald Trump has perhaps a billion dollars in real estate holdings. The word holdings is not an idle choice of words.

You see, it doesn’t mean you make a billion dollars annually and then pay taxes on that…It only means your properties have appreciated annually.. or in the case of New York City holdings, probably not.

You only pay taxes on the profit when you sell it.

Apparently the New York Times is hoping that you’ll not notice what they left off.

You know, if the New York Times actually made the same effort that they did in leaking Donald Trump’s partial tax return, in investigating call Joe Biden managed to make millions of dollars while supposedly being a public servant oh, they might actually have some credibility.

Alas, going after the real story is beyond the New York Times

Update: apparently, the Times has very quietly dropped this nothingburger of a story. Don Surber explains