For all you good readers who Chuckles the Clown, b/k/a Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer(D – NY) was both smart and Jewish, I suggest it is time to re-think, from Daily Mail(UK):

‘Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg must be turning over in her grave up in heaven,’ he [Chuckles] howled.

Several poked fun at the Senator for that line, with one stating: ‘RBG hasn’t even b been buried yet…’

I claim no knowledge of the existence of Heaven, nor of its admission requirements. However I do note that the concept of Heaven is largely a Biblical one, and not Jewish one. U hardly expect that when Schumer is not playing politics in his role of Chuckles the Clown that he gives the idea of Heaven more than a passing thought.

I do note that as Chuckles is willing to don the mantle of a Fred Phelps does reflect, rather poorly, on his credibility, or rather lack thereof, as a politician. It would behoove the Senate Minority Leader to restrain his rabid anti-Catholic Senator Feinstein and Harris on the Judiciary Committee. Prediction he will not, and it will not go well for either Chuckles or his caucus.