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Can Anybody Spare Me a Copy of Slow Joe’s Senate Records?

The New York Slimes had purported to have obtained years worth Donald Trump’s stolen tax returns, released them and proven little, from the New York Slimes courtesy Professor Althouse [1]:

From “An Editor’s Note on the Trump Tax Investigation”: “Some will raise questions about publishing the president’s personal tax information. But the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that the First Amendment allows the press to publish newsworthy information that was legally obtained by reporters even when those in power fight to keep it hidden. That powerful principle of the First Amendment applies here.”

Slow Joe’s, b/k/a former Senator Joseph Biden, Senate records are in custody of the University of Delaware. If a legal custodian of the records were to do his patriotic duty and release the records to the Slimes, would the paper publish the people’s records?

Of course rather that Old Man Biden records, I’d like to seem Biden Boy’s record.  Anybody in China who spare a copy?