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Black Lives Matter Activist Arrested For Fraud

This stuff is almost becoming cliche. Over at PJM [1], Rick Moran writes:

It’s unclear if any of the $466,000 raised by Sir Maejor Page, 32, went to any charitable of philanthropic endeavor at all.

Page was apparently a familiar face in Atlanta where he led several protests against the death of George Floyd. He was arrested in Toledo, Ohio, where he had purchased a $112,000 house.

Fox News: [2]

Page founded Black Lives Matter of Greater Atlanta in 2016 and this year took in more than $466,000 in donations in June, July and August, Desorbo said.

“In sum, Page has spent over $200,000 on personal items generated from donations received through BLMGA Facebook page with no identifiable purchase or expenditure for social or racial justice,” he said.

The FBI in Toledo said Page pledged to use those donations “for George Floyd” but instead used the money make purchases related to food, dining, entertainment, clothing, furniture, a home security system, tailored suits and accessories.

Oh, it gets better with this guy.

I would urge you to go and read the whole thing.

Pay particular attention to the passages involving the reaction of other members of BLM in the Atlanta area.

The one question however that I note nobody has asked… how is what Page did any different than looting a store?

I’ll bet he has a few choice words for law enforcement these days as well. As I keep saying, the wolves will always complain about the sheepdog.