Steve Krusier at PJM

One of the first lines of attack on Barrett was to say that she is a bad mother for being an accomplished professional.

My, how far feminism has come.

It got worse from there. The next bit of bottom-feeding was to go after the judge’s kids, because the liberals are nothing but class:

I noticed that a particularly nasty line of attack was developing against ACB Friday night on Twitter. A Democrat staffer and activist posted a thread pondering if the adoption process for her two Haitian-born children was legit. The person even implied that maybe the children were snatched up and taken out of Haiti by “ultra-religious Americans”.

As I have had to say all too many times in the last year: these people are filth.

Yeah, no kidding. And as I said in a Short Bits earlier today, both Biden and Pelosi claim to be Catholic. So why is it they’re going after the judge for being Catholic?

Whatever else happens going forward, it must be said that Donald Trump has successfully maneuvered the Democrats into being precisely what they are. There’s no more hiding, because any student of recent history can tell you that there’s no hint of logic to their objections. They simply can’t help themselves. What’s left is raw animus and raw power -hunger.

And if you think the voters aren’t seeing that clearly now, think again.

I tell ya, the Democrats only hope at this point in the forthcoming election is that the voters either has a very, very short memory, (less than a month) or they simply don’t care. And with the Trump -haters, the letter seems a great deal closer to the truth.