davidl on September 8th, 2020

Yes I know the marriage of B.J. and Mrs. Clinton is a political one.  But in to what has poor B.J. gotten himself?  While the Missus has a meltdown trying to cram as many lies as she can into twenty second, B.J. looks like he rather be having a root canal, video: Bill has to […]

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Eric Florack on September 8th, 2020

Steve Baldwin, former California congressman exposes Kamala Harris “I watched an interview with her. She is attractive, animated, and absurd. She stated that she never had children; yet was a “Mother to her husband’s children.” And she “loved being a Mother.” She said the children called her “Momela”. Anyway, she led her audience to believe […]

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Eric Florack on September 8th, 2020

The evidence keeps mounting up that the Democrats have lied about this one from the beginning. Ambassador McCourt was there the day President Trump’s team called off the trip to the cemetery at Belleau Wood because of inclement weather. She is the latest U.S. official who was actually present at the event to publicly deny […]

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