We have a Philip Nolan for the new century. Just as Nolan’s fictional misdeeds left him without a country, John Kasich’s real life deeds have left him without a political party. Just like his presidential run four years ago, seems to appeal to nobody.

From the left,Mellisa Ryan:

John Kasich is speaking at the DNCC tonight. As part of his pre-speech media blitz, he’s slamming @aoc
, one of our rising stars. *So* glad we gave the anti-choice union buster a prime speaking slot. I’m sure it will sway at least five voters.


From the right Paula Bolyard:

Kasich shorter: These are not normal times, so I’m voting for the candidate who wants to force nuns to pay for birth control; who thinks we don’t have enough abortions; who wants to cut police budgets and raise taxes; and who is beholden to the socialist-loon wing of the party.

What are the odds Johnny having Slow Joe’s basement phone number?