So now all of a sudden, the Democrats are speaking out against all the violence they’re been encouraging.. the rioting, the burning, the looting that they themselves have created.


Well, it’s not because people are hurting. Not because people’s lives are being ruined by this temper tantrum over the 2016 election.

Rather, they wanted to stop because it’s hurting their polling numbers. …Their chances of obtaining and maintaining power.

The Democrats are figuring out that all this rioting and mayhem (along with all the Trump hatred of course) isn’t playing well with the general public, and neither are any of the rest of the issues that Democrats have been proudly campaigning on for years and years and years… and of course the Russia hoax has come back to haunt them, as well.

They now see that they’ve grossly miscalculated and are now backtracking in a blind panic, like a dog from a skunk.

Welcome to the world you have made, Democrats. Enjoy it.

And here’s a thought: if the Democrats are willing to sell out what they claimed was the values of black people because Democrat access to governmental power is being damaged, what do you suppose the chances are that they were supporting all this rioting and looting etc because they believed it aided that access?

Black people in this country have been played by the Democrats for generations, now. On what basis do we make the assumption that anything has changed?

Does nobody remember 1968?