The Democrats are finally starting to wake up just a little bit…

But Biden denounced the violence that has unfolded as part of demonstrations in Kenosha in recent days.

I must admit to being impressed. That’s quite an accomplishment for somebody that has a great deal of difficulty remembering his own name.

And of course, the Communist news network is right in line with this.

We need to understand, folks, this has always been about the election. Always, always, always.

For all of their protests of unity, the fact of the matter is the Democratic party relies almost exclusively on division. All this suffering is about defeating orange man bad and the American people are finally catching up his including a large swath of black voters.Now that they see that that’s precisely what’s happening, they’ve begun backing off. Don’t let them. All this rioting, all the looting, all the damage all the deaths fall directly at the feet of the Democrat party because they can’t accept the 2016 election… Or the 2020 election for that matter