Mrs. Pelosi and Adam Schiff-less, have their collective panties in a wad because President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone. Mrs. Pelosi has threaten to pass legislation, which would purport of amend the Constitution to limit the President’s power to issue pardons and commutations. How conveniently short their memory,.
President Clinton, in the last two years of his presidency, to bolster his wife’s political aspirations, doled out more pardons and commutations that the Gipper consumed jelly beans, from American Spectator::

In the final two years of Clinton’s presidency, the entire Clinton clan treated executive clemency as if it were their personal property. Clemency was dished out in return for money, gifts, and influence. More than 50 clemency recipients or those lobbying the Clintons for clemency on behalf of others had direct ties to Hillary. Hillary stockpiled financial and political IOUs she cashed in when she ran for political office, including the presidency.

Everyone got into the act. First brother, Roger Clinton, and Hillary’s siblings, Hugh and Tony Rodham, each made hundreds of thousands of dollars hustling executive clemency for felons who were willing to pay. Among the clemency recipients was Carlos Vignali, a cocaine drug kingpin. Hugh was paid more than $200,000 to ensure Vignali received a commutation from Clinton.

It had gotten so wild in the final months of the Clinton presidency that Roger was cold-calling applicants offering to get them clemency in return for cash. One applicant, who wishes to

So question for Mrs. Pelosi and Adam Schiff for Brain, if President Trump commutation of Roger Stone prison sentence is the worst abuse of presidential power to pardon in our nation’s history, who is President Trump’s Roger Clinton.  Put up or shut up.