I don’t believe that any presidential candidate of may lifetime brings less mental horsepower, with more accompanying baggage, to the general election than Slow Joe, b/k/a Joseph Biden(moron – Delaware) Slow Joe is an all-beef patty short of a quarter pounder, from Tyler O’Neil,PJ Media:

It wasn’t enough for Joe Biden to call President Donald Trump racist. On Wednesday, the presumptive Democratic nominee said Trump was the most racist president ever — in fact, he said Trump was the first racist American politician to win the presidency. This is a truly absurd claim to make about any modern politician, given America’s sad history with racism. Whatever you think about Donald Trump, he is nowhere near as racist as Woodrow Wilson[…]
The twentieth century provided some of the worst examples of presidential racism. Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat and a pioneer of the Progressive movement, reintroduced racial segregation into the federal government

I am not going deep into the presidential thicket of racism.  Suffice to say that twelve of our Presidents have owned slaves.  But somehow in Slow Joe’s demented head, owning people is not as bad as being Donald Trump.