Recently we saw our reports that the Seattle Mayor started screaming bloody murder when protesters showed up at her front door doing what protesters these days do. Actually, let’s not call them protesters, let’s call that rioters. That after all is what they are.

It seemed that the mayor objected to her personal kingdom was being invaded… she didn’t like “the movement” anymore.

(By the way, the word “kingdom” is not idly chosen. You figure the implications out.)

So now, we see the father of somebody that was killed in the kingdom of Chop.

He says words to the effect that “I understand black lives matter Etc, but this is my son we’re talking about.”

So what’s he saying? Tearing down statues and ripping up people’s property and causing General mayhem and social disorder, other people dying, other people losing their homes, other people losing their jobs, and businesses they’ve worked their entire lives for… that’s all fine and well with him as long as his kid gets left alone?

And the mayor? She’s all well and good with it so long as her stuff gets left alone, her keep is ignored. Cross that line and suddenly she’s got a problem.

Notice the pattern that’s developing here?

In each case, the perception of the validity of the rules and of fairness, change once the subject of the discussion has skin in the game. It becomes a personal matter.

The problem of course is the lack of perception that Adam Smith alluded to in his great works. It’s always a personal matter. That the body politic is best served when everyone has skin in the game and is working for their own interest. Because as the mayor and the father of the slain are both demonstrating for us so vividly, is the individual will always work for his own interest and rules be damned when it comes down to it.

The mayor, of course having government power already in her hands, has the option to do that. The father in that hannity interview has no such opportunity and yet he’s screaming for the same thing that she was.

And what voice do the people in those riots zones have? they can either quietly pick up the pieces, or they can simply leave town. Does anyone not understand that’s how ghettos are created?

Oh and there’s one other commonality… The political and social position that both of them were pushing, BLM, antifa, Etc.,is the direct cause of what they’re complaining about. And the odd part is, neither one of them sees that.