In the wake of public officials using public spaces for partisan political purposes, I pose two questions.  One, do public officials have such a right in the first place. Second once having created a political speech zone, do politicians have the right to censor the views expressed in such a zone.  To which, I say no.

For his part, America’s dumbest mayor, Bill de Bassio, is using New York City streets, resources and scarce police officers wage political war against one time city resident Donald J. Trump.

A few local residents, to include one Beverlyn Beatty, have been reclaiming the First Amendment, video:

According to inside sources, Mayor Bill has deployed twenty-eight NYPD officers to protect the Mayors graffiti.  Beatty’s volunteers can improve the graffiti faster Mayor Bill can degrade the graffiti.

Give Beatty a hand, a donation, or beautify your neighborhood.