People, make no mistake about this. This push against the police is really a push against the laws that the police are sworn to enforce. Laws which, in most respects, have been demanded by the people.

It is, perhaps, instructive and focusing to learn that the very definition of the word “police” comes into play here. The word comes from the French, which literally translated comes out “the power of the people”.

And and what happens once this movement starts succeeding? We already have examples. For example, this from Powerline:

Following Freddy Gray’s death, the police force came under sustained attack by local politicians and the Obama Justice Department. It backed off from proactive policing, and the size of the force decreased significantly.

Violent crime skyrocketed. In the five years before Gray’s death in 2015, homicides averaged around 215 per year. In the past five years, they have averaged around 335, and reached a high of 348 last year. Residents attribute this to “relaxed police patrols.”

and now we see sections of Seattle being taken over by these people. The governor and the mayor are refusing to do anything about it and instead are trading barbs with the president over their non-action.

The Democrats are playing this game because they believe it to be to their advantage.

Meantime in Chicago the mayor and all 50 of the aldermen are completely freaked out because they can’t control the rioting. Eventually somebody’s going to figure out that the rioting is a direct result of the city government’s policies. And yet they still refuse to do anything serious about it.

There is an old Limerick which seems to apply very nicely here.

There once was a lady from Niger

Who rode on the back of a tiger.

They returned from the ride

With the lady inside

And a smile on the face of the tiger.

In short my friends the Democrats are now being consumed by the world that they have made as has long been predicted.

The real tragedy here is they’re going to end up taking the rest of us down with them if we don’t stand up on our hind legs and do something about it.