The below video could be taken for a British House of Commons debate, or just what passes for civilized political debate in today’s political environment.  Except that these demonstrators were seniors, and as general rule humans mellow a bit as they age.  Without further ado, political protest in the Villages in Florida, Seniors Division, video:(not safe for work)

Unlike British MPs, the language is a bit rough around the edges.  However, unlike CHOP/CHAZ, BLM and Antifa, no roads were blocked, no private property damaged, and no stores were looted.  No lives were taken and no rapes were reported.

On the other foot, one apparent supporter of President Donny did yell loud and clear “white power.”  The verbal outburst did not threaten anybody, as opposed to the hypocritical battle cry of black lives matter.  The is black lives matter provided the person has survived birth and is killed by a white person, especially a cop.  Anybody who claims to believe that black lives matter, start doing something about it.