I have praised John Bolton for his actions and for his insights in the past, but apparently there are sides to this man we didn’t know about, Petty, vindictive, and self-contradicting.

Of course, you can add self- promoting to that list. Not that of itself I mind self- promotion. That’s how you get ahead in the political world to a great degree but not to the expense of everything you have stood for until now, as Bolton has done.

At at one point, Bolton was smart enough to label the impeachment witch -hunt as such, but now has changed his mind. This one, unfortunately, doesn’t work as well.

The reason he’s changed his mind of course, is because he got himself fired.

Now, he’s trying to sell books because he knows it’s the only way he’s going to get anywhere in the future. He knows very well that there’s no Republican Administration in the future that will hire him, and of course the Democrats aren’t going to touch him, either.

The only possibility that he’s got these days is as a CNN analyst which I expect to be happening before the end of the year.

That’s the best scenario possible the more likely scenario is that he’s going to end up in The slammer for the remainder of his mustache.

Kel McClanahan over at The Daily Beast:

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s former national security adviser, wanted to write a book. He knew that the White House would do everything it could to stop him. He hired a flashy white-shoe law firm to handle the prepublication review process required by the nondisclosure agreement he signed when he got his security clearance. As expected, the White House weaponized the prepublication review process against him to keep him from publishing. If he published without approval, it said, he could face severe legal consequences.

Then his lawyer, Chuck Cooper, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed this week intended to put public pressure on the White House. In it, Cooper volunteered that Bolton had violated both his NDA and perhaps a few criminal laws, including the Espionage Act. Now, even if Bolton’s book is never released, he is facing stiff penalties. As unforced legal errors go, that’s a doozy.

An even worse scenario is that Bolton was responsible for a good deal of the leakage to the press out of the White House. I’ve seen assertion this from various sources that Bolton was in the center ring of that particular circus for years now. I dismissed such speculation in the past, but it’s a little harder to now, given what I see happening here.