Attention former General Mattis

You said publicly the other day that you never thought you’d see the president of the United States calling for using the military against American citizens.

Here’s a news flash for you, Bozo..

What in the world did you think they meant when they had you swear an oath on the Bible to protect this country against enemies both foreign and domestic?

Maybe when you get to be a certain age you start forgetting things like that.

Now, sit down and shut up.

For the record, I’m with Ed Wronka, who says:

I think it IS a drastic measure for a President to mention the possibility of using the US military….

However, the comprehensive way our citizens have become targeted by Soros-funded homegrown terrorist organizations may rise to the level that requires such action.

For now, we must hope that merely mentioning it will have the deter these thugs!

And if it doesn’t deter those thugs, well, we’ll just have to respect their choice then, won’t we? When they complain, we can tell them welcome to the world that you made.


A day later and I’m still chewing about this idiot. He apparently doesn’t remember that the National guard was nationalized during the 92 Rodney King riots..

And there are other examples of course. But he should certainly have remember that example at the least.

The damage that Obama has done to our military during his eight years in office is now laid bare for all to see. Obama spent a great deal of time purging people who didn’t agree with his myopic world view, …in other words the promotion of socialism and the promotion of the idea that America should take a backseat to everybody else. That Mattis managed to survive those purges should tell you everything you need to know about the man.and because of all that purging going on during the Obama Administration there wasn’t anybody but left-wingers left in the military.. Mattis was chosen as SecDef ostensibly because he was the best one of what remained after the purging.

With all of that added up it seems clear to me that we have a military that we simply can’t rely upon to act in America’s best interest.

As for Mattis himself, he is best ignored at this point. And it should be noted that the Atlantic will always leap to praise someone whose bedrock principles have about as much weight to them as a windsock.

What we have here is somebody desperately trying to remain relevant and failing miserably…except as it now at least he has secured for himself an analyst position at CNN.(How’s that for becoming irrelevant in a hurry?) Well, at least he went down in a blaze of stupidity.

General, you are dismissed.