….it still comes down to the idea that you don’t eliminate a virus from the threat list by avoiding it. You do that by building up a herd immunity, by simple exposure to it. There is no point in world history where we have managed to duck a virus by quarantining and masking the healthy.

As for being a more interconnected world, I can’t argue that. And yet, who is it has been pushing for ever greater population density in the cities so as to “Save the planet”?
Who is it that’s been pushing us into smaller and smaller apartments all with the same h v a c? Who was it that’s been pushing us out of single-family suburban homes? Who is it that’s been pushing us into mass transit? And finally, who is it that’s been pushing the idea of government-run healthcare where all of these things come to a head?

As a parting shot, I’ve noticed that there aren’t very many people that are championing open borders, anymore.