Point blank…

This push against the police is a push against the power of the people, and the laws that they have been sworn to enforce. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t understand that, the rest of all of this is not going to make any sense to you whatsoever and you are there for part of the problem.

And by the way this is precisely why I have always objected to the Radley Balko types. They give people and movements like this traction, and aid them in their goal of tearing this country down. As far as I’m concerned they qualify for the title of useful idiots.

Make no mistake, it is with the help of Balko and others that the Democrats have managed to play the games they’re playing right now… And I’m willing to bet that he can’t even identify what I’m talkin about here

I ask you, where are the ethics, and the principles involved with claiming you’re fighting for freedom and for the individual, and then doing the dirty work of the people who are trying to tear down the country and the culture that gave us the freest society on the face of the planet?

I was willing to hear you out on this one Radley, but I’m done. Or more correctly, you’re done.