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A TALE OF TWO INCIDENTS by The Atlanta DA’s Office and the Atlanta Mayor.

Incident #1-
5 Atlanta Police Officers fired last week for using a taser to remove two college students from a car. Officers were fired because the Atlanta District Attorney’s Office deemed the Officer’s use of the taser was DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE.

Incident #2-
A suspect who failed a field sobriety test and deemed Driving While Intoxicated resists arrest, fights with police, steals the officers taser (robbery) and escapes. During the pursuit, the suspect turns and fires the taser at the officer’s head and was shot and eventually dies. The Atlanta mayor calls for the Officer to be fired because he used deadly physical force against a taser.

BURNING QUESTION: Why is using a taser considered Deadly Physical Force when it’s used by a police officer but not Deadly Physical Force when used against a police officer by a suspect?

Indeed, why?

I should point out that has described I do have some problems with the way the first case was handled, but even with that said, I’m quite sure there was more going on there than we were told in that description.

The question about the double standard though, is well-taken.and this double standard is one of many being applied these days by those wishing to eliminate the police.

I will say this again:

This push against the police is a push against the power of the people, and the laws that they have been sworn to enforce. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t understand that, the rest of all of this is not going to make any sense to you whatsoever and you are there for part of the problem.

The wolf will always complain and seek to eliminate the sheepdog.