We got a problem in Minneapolis, a dead man named George Floyd. This is not to say ten thousand people, with undisclosed names is not an even bigger problem in the Empire State. I holding my fire on Floyd’s death, until I get a better understanding of the fact. However I do have some conclusions. I read a transcript from Rush Limbaugh, There’s No Justification for George Floyd’s Blue State Death. I am not so much interested in Limbaugh’s view rather then the opinions of his callers.  Read the transcript and form your own.

I am not going even try to summarize or excerpt Rush’s transcript, beyond this.  The Minneapolis Police Department(MPD) has a problem.  The situation reeks of poor training and poor discipline.  Training and discipline are the responsibility of command, or this case the lack thereof. The chief of the MPD should be fired like yesterday.  Fired, drummed out, and not merely asked to resign.  If the governor can fire the mayor, it too should be done.