This may seem obvious to some, but I’m going to make a quick point here.

There are certain people within the Democrat Party who want to replace Joe Biden with somebody else. In fact, they want to replace him with anybody else.

So desperate are these people to accomplish this, that they are willing to use the weapons they have traditionally used against anyone to the right of Fidel Castro. For example, “me too”.

Certainly, there are many outside of the Democratic Party who are willing to jump on that particular bandwagon, pointing out the glaring double standards being applied. But, I suggest that were those double standards being applied by the left being pointed out by the GOP, the mainstream press would have ignored it entirely as they have numerous times in the past. Besides which remember, the establishment GOP doesn’t like Donald Trump either.

Which brings up another point. There are those who say that “me to” is now dead because of some of the left circling the wagons around Joe Biden. I submit however it was dead with the Kennedy clan the Clintons and a host of others.

(As an aside, I see where Bill Clinton is joining Joe Biden on the campaign trail… word is they’re calling at the “fondling fathers tour”.)

Joe Biden was already set to lose this election, by numbers that make Reagan’s two landslides look miniscule by comparison. This controversy will certainly help that situation along. And you will doubtless hear, come November, some among the Democrat Party wailing that Joe Biden lost the election do the dirty politics played by the GOP. However, it is not so.

“Me too” has always been a tool of the far left of the Democrat Party. The only time that it gets used against a Democrat is when the party hierarchy decides that the target is an embarrassment or will cost the party their power.

Jim Traficant was unavailable for comment.