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This is not a conspiracy theory folks, this is happening.

The Democrats entire game plan for 2020 just went up in flames.

And that’s because Democrats suffered a humiliating setback in this landmark court defeat.

Democrats are banking on lockdowns to supposedly combat the spread of the coronavirus to destroy the economy and sabotage Donald Trump’s re-election chances.

Blue state governors keep extending their lockdowns to crush any chance of an economic recovery before the election.

One of the Democrats punishing their citizens with economic ruin in order to help Joe Biden’s political prospects is Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Governor Brown initially imposed a lockdown order on March 23 and then extended the order to May 28.

Oregon has not reported more than 100 new cases since April 4, according to The New York Times’ coronavirus curve tracker.

Churches in Oregon sued over Governor Brown’s tyrannical lockdown order.

Baker County Circuit Judge Matthew Shirtcliff ruled in the churches’ favor and ruled the lockdown order was illegal because under Oregon law, Governor Brown cannot extend the order after 28 days without approval of the legislature.

Governor Brown promised a swift appeal.

“This will ensure we can continue to safeguard the health of all Oregonians — including frontline health care workers, those living in nursing homes, workers in agriculture and food processing plants, and Oregonians with underlying health conditions –– while the legal process moves forward,” Brown declared.

Oregon is not the first blue state to see its fascist house arrest policy struck down in court.

Recently, the Wisconsin State Supreme Court threw out Democrat Governor Tony Evers’ lockdown order, ruling that the Governor could not keep the population under what was essentially house arrest.

In states like North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania among others, businesses, frustrated citizens and churches are suing to get the government’s boot off their throat.

The vast majority of these lawsuits are in blue states because Democrat governors see political advantage in wrecking the economy.

Democrats gambled that voters will take out their anger about the economic misery they experienced on President Trump even though it was Democrats imposing economic hardship on their states.

But it appears that courts across the nation are prepared to step in and put a stop to Democrat governors acting like petty dictators drunk on power.

Courts, and some in the general public, were willing to grant the governors significant emergency powers in the initial stages of a pandemic.

Millions of Americans disagree with that sentiment.

They correctly argue that the Constitution does not turn into a suggestion during a pandemic.

Now that the initial hysteria from the coronavirus is dying down as the doomsday predictions failed to come to fruition, Americans are challenging these lockdown orders.

Judges that care about the rule of law, checks and balances, and the Constitution are stepping in and blowing up the Democrats’ plans to keep the economy in lockdown through the election.