Some, albeit not me may have accused Ellen Degeneres of being a comic.  I doubt that any have accuse her studying high school biology, from News Turd?

Today Ellen Degeneres had actress and wife of former NBA star Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union on her show to discuss, among other things, Union and Wade’s decision to allow their son to transition to a girl (via Newsbusters):

Introducing the segment, Ellen actually suggested that parents don’t love their children unconditionally if they won’t let them change genders. Union of course agreed, saying that many parents don’t truly “love and accept and embrace” their kids and that they “truly feel like their kids are disposable”

For the biologically challenged sex, among mammals at least is immutable.  We conceived has one of two sexes, either male or female.  And we die the small sex.  When a wacko like DeGeneres says Transition, she means castration.  She is arguing that the only way to demonstrate you love your children is to have them castrated.  Are you in?