Interesting post-it Real Clear Politics today:

In the face of a novel virus threat, China clamped down on its citizens. Academics used faulty information to build faulty models. Leaders relied on these faulty models. Dissenting views were suppressed. The media flamed fears and the world panicked.

That is the story of what may eventually be known as one of the biggest medical and economic blunders of all time. The collective failure of every Western nation, except one, to question groupthink will surely be studied by economists, doctors, and psychologists for decades to come.

To put things in perspective, the virus is now known to have an infection fatality rate for most people under 65 that is no more dangerous than driving 13 to 101 miles per day. Even by conservative estimates, the odds of COVID-19 death are roughly in line with existing baseline odds of dying in any given year.

Si, what we have here is fear, amped up by questionable models, and by an all too willing press, hell-bent with their fellow travelers on eliminating orange man bad.

Fear is a very useful tool, if you want to eliminate all rational discussion on the topic, and label anyone who questions your motivations as a terrorist, or a kook.

That’s particularly useful if you want to use such fear to gain political power. As we now see, you don’t need to smash a plane into a building to cripple a nation.

That’s all this ever was. Fear, questionable models, (perhaps intentionally so) and arrogance by people… Unelected bureaucrat types, mostly…. who also happen to have the power of government in their hands.

Sorry folks, but the disease was only fatal to less than 1% of those who were *infected*.

Go up and read that again.

If you look closely you will notice that I did not say less than 1% of the population. I said 1% of the *infected*.

Two things about that…

First, it would be less than 1% of the infected who were actually showing symptoms.

Secondly, even that percentage, while tragic, is a small subset of the overall population.

And it wouldn’t even have been that large without the mishandling of people like Andrew Cuomo who insisted on forcing nursing homes to take infected patients instead of using the isolation of the hospital ships and the million-dollar facility set up in New York City neither one of which was ever used anything like capacity.

So, why would they be going through all this trouble? Why all the deceit? Look at the lay of the land. The one point that the Democrats still cannot argue against is the wild economic success of the Trump Administration. Indeed it took a worldwide pandemic with all of the overblown attendant nonsense to bring about an economy which was comparable to the disaster that Obama left us with.

Given the number of things that the deep State left has already tried to bring against this president, (as an example the Russian collusion fraud)….unsuccessfully, can you imagine anything short of a worldwide pandemicthat would call into question the re-election of said president?

And, no, with that much power on the line, and frankly the future of the Democrat Party and worldwide socialism hanging in the balance, I would not put it past them.

So, absent “orange man bad”, can anyone explain to me why we’re still playing this cockeyed game?